Complete Detailing

carpet wash shampoo before after
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clay bar before after
seat conditioning before and after
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Complete Detail:
Interior and Exterior detail with clay

Car: $250 • SUV: $270 • Lg SUV: $290

interior detail header

Blow out crevices under seats, AC vents, cup holders, glove box, ashtrays, & console with compressed air Carpets/mats & cloth seats: vacuum, shampoo & extract Leather seats: clean & condition Door panels, dash & center console: clean & condition Interior windows & glass: clean Door jambs & trunk area: clean Seatbelts:
clean & sanitize

Car: $159 • SUV: $179
• Lg SUV: $199

exterior detail with clay

Vehicle washed Wheels and wheel wells hand washed Clean: removes contaminants from paint surface with clay Correct: removes small scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections from
the clear coat Protect: Griot's poly wax applied
to protect clear coat finish Exterior trim plastic/rubber moldings conditioned Chrome parts polished

Car: $159 • SUV: $179
• Lg SUV: $199

Other Detail Services

mold removal header

Decontaminate and disinfect with interior detail Combine with odor exterminator

Starting at $100.00

odor exterminator

Binds to and eliminates odors caused by bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. It also neutralizes odors, such as gasoline and smoke

Starting at $79.00

hard water removal header

Hard water leaves trace elements of calcium and metals on your vehicle that can damage your clear coat. Our process safely removes them

Starting at $100.00

clay bar header

Safely removes contaminants from clear coat

Starting at $79.00

overspray removal header

Overspray paint removal with clay bar

Starting at $159.00

pet hair removal

Pet hair embedded in carpets, seats, and mats removed with a pet hair brush and compressed air

Starting at $100.00

headlight restoration header

Restores headlights to like new conditions Removes the yellow, cloudy oxidation haze

Starting at $79.00

Wheel detail header

Clean wheels by dissolving bonded ferrous (iron) contaminants that have penetrated into the surface Polish and protect rims

Starting at $50.00 per Wheel